About Lakshmi

My name is Lakshmi Nagarajan. I'm an engineer by education from REC (now NIT), Trichy. I worked as a software developer for seven years across geographies and enjoyed every second of it; the thrill of coding is unparalleled. Then left it for good on a whim one fine day and haven't looked back ever since.

I have completed Level II of the CFA program.

I first got introduced to mutual funds as an investment option in 2005 and haven't looked back ever since.

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Why "She Can Invest"

This was a question my 10-year-old son asked when he saw me designing the website.

I replied, "Why not?".

Often, I come across highly-educated, working women shirking the responsibility of managing money and relegating it to their spouses/brother/parent.

Are men born with a natural ability to make the right decisions about her money?

Is it the comfort that her money will be in safe hands?

I know it's not the math that scares her.

So, I wonder why.

Yes, I know she can invest.

Knowledge is confidence. When she is financially aware, she is confident of participating in the family's financial decisions.

If I can do it, so can you. 

The genesis of "She Can Invest"

Adversity is a test of your financial character.

Let's take a six-month timeline of life events. The wife takes a break from work  --- the husband's firm shuts down --- no household income --- parent is critically ill - mounting medical expenses with no insurance --- travel back-and-forth to tend to the parent -- spouse meets with a road accident --- still unemployed. All this over a course of six months.

That's us. Our life for the past six months. Things are inching back to normalcy.  But, we pulled through this phase and learned how our strong financial foundation played a pivotal role in it.

With astute financial planning, you can be prepared for life's surprises.

If we can do it, so can you. And that, my friends, is the genesis of "She Can Invest".