My first brush with finance was sometime in 2005 in a chain of events. A mutual fund distributor, let’s call him Mr. B, approached my husband for investing in mutual funds. I was against the idea of even conversing with Mr.B for the fear of him convincing us to invest in MF. In a bizarre turn of events, we started SIPs gradually in a number of funds over the next one year.

This was also the time I was designing an investment reporting system for the portfolios of HNIs of a global bank. To my surprise, I enjoyed it a great deal and started digging further on asset classes.

A year later, I quit the corporate life and made a part of my living for the next five years trading in equities and derivatives.

Do we hold any of those funds today? NO. Ignorance is not bliss. We were recommended a huge basket of NFOs along with the then-famous HDFC Top 200. Most of the NFOs tanked – who knew what an NFO was! Lesson learned. We revamped the portfolio in 2012 that has become the strong foundation as we see today.

In  August 2010, I saw an ad repeatedly in the local newspaper for the upcoming CFA exam in December. Again, I enrolled on a whim with no finance background and not knowing what this mammoth of an exam really means. It was a roller-coaster ride of hundreds of hours buried under volumes of books for weeks on end until I cleared Level 2 in 2012.

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